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  • Thin Pancakes with Milk Recipe

    Thin Pancakes with Milk Recipe

    The recipe for thin pancakes with milk becomes especially relevant on the eve of Maslenitsa, when delicious pancakes should be the main component of the festive table. There are different ways to prepare pancakes: with milk, with kefir, with sour milk and even with plain water. However, the most delicious are pancakes cooked with milk.…

  • Rassolnik in Kuban Style

    Rassolnik in Kuban Style

    Every day I want to please my family with new and delicious dishes. But it’s scary to experiment, and I’m tired of the old things. In this case, a simple pickle recipe will come in handy, which is not only very tasty but also easy to prepare. Ingredients you will need to prepare this dish:…

  • Useful Properties of Kiwi

    Useful Properties of Kiwi

    Kiwi is a very useful product for the human body. Modern scientists continue to research this fruit and only discover its benefits. The fruits of liana-like plants are considered healthy, tasty, and have a high nutritional value. The most popular varieties of such plants are kiwi or Chinese gooseberry. Almost everyone loves this fruit for…